the case of “Accounting for the iphone at Apple” your research should be 4 pages to summarize and analyze the main points put forward in the case, which augment the textbook. It is not enough to describe materials/techniques already covered by the textbook. Exceptional work would include additional research and thoughtful synthesis of the authors’ ideas with your ideas. You should choose an article that focuses on financial management with a valuation component (your grade will be affected by the degree that there is a distinct valuation component. The paper will be graded using the following Rubric: Writing Criteria Weight Context/Purpose Considers the audience, purpose, and the circumstances surrounding the writing assignment. 10 Content/Ideas/Support Articulates and supports a main idea(s) that is consistent with context and purpose. 50 Organization Uses logical sequencing including introduction, transitions between paragraphs, and summary/ conclusion to develop main idea(s) and content. 10 Sources Incorporates use of and identifies sources and/or research, according to APA and/or instructor guidelines. 10 Word Usage/ Grammar/Spelling/ Punctuation Uses wording, grammar, spelling and punctuation accurately and correctly. The paper is supposed to answer this following question:

1. The price to book and price-to-earnings ratios for the four restaurants discussed in the case are as follows:
Price-to-Book Price-to-Earnings
Ratio Ratio

Company A 3.9 20.5
Company B 1.0 9.6
Company C 4.4 34.5
Company D 1.0 28.1
Match each of the restaurants with the market-to-book ratios and price-to-earnings ratios.
Explain why you reached your conclusions.
2. What characteristics of Company A are relevant to its valuation multiples?
3. What characteristics of Company B are relevant to its valuation multiples?
4. What characteristics of Company C are relevant to its valuation multiples?
5. What characteristics of Company D are relevant to its valuation multiples?
6. What factors in general drive firms’ price-to-book ratios? What drive price-to-earnings ratios?

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