The assignment consists of producing a report with a working title :
Trends in modern Operating System design.
Guidelines: The aim of this assignment is to research and write an essay of 3000 – 4000 words, which compares and contrasts the design and operation of modern operating systems, both proprietary and open source. The present state of the art should be examined in each area and future possible trends highlighted. The essay should be referenced etc. like a mini thesis, using the Harvard system or any other recognised referencing system with which you are familiar.
• The essay should draw upon books, articles, journals, technical manuals, personal experience, etc. or any other appropriate source.
• As a very general rule, the word count above is a guideline and content is more important than quantity.
• The trend toward parallelism in each design, interactivity, real time performance etc. could be a starting point and their efficiency in terms of processing and power management could also be examined.
• The relative extent and nature of the facilities available and the portability for each design may also provide some interest.

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