This assignment is to get you thinking about project delivery on a deeper level. You are to prepare a paper that re-states the below questions and then provides your thoughts on the question posed. This is an individual assignment.

Questions on Project Delivery:

1.Developer led projects tend to use design-build as the delivery model of choice. What is it about this delivery model that appeals to a developer?
2.Each delivery method presentation given listed multi-agency approvals as a deterrent to using design-build as a delivery model. Why are multiple approvals detrimental to the design-build process?
3.Ohio Construction Reform permitted the use of Construction Management at Risk (CMR). Many public Owners immediately embraced this delivery model as a far superior alternative to the old multiple-prime dictate or even the new single-prime model. Why would a public Owner view CMR in such a positive light when compared to alternatives?
4.Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and Design-Build (DB) are close cousins as project delivery models. As the construction industry moves towards more projects adopting lean methodologies IPD has gained favor as the most preferred delivery model. With DB and IPD being so close in form, why do groups advocating lean encourage IPD?
5.Assume you work as a project manager for a large manufacturing concern. Management has asked you to deliver a new plant with aggressive schedule goals. The company policy for procuring construction is that contracts are held directly by the company and three bids are always required. Faced with the schedule challenge and procurement constraints what project delivery model would you select and why?

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