Case Study Research as I am currently working on it but some aspects are not clear enough for me. Below all the information pertaining to the case:
Developing a Case Study
Students will be provided with a focus area from which to construct their case study. The case study will represent an empirical inquiry investigating a significant contemporary issue in the business sector. As a summative project in your MBA program, it is expected that you will draw from the skills and competencies developed throughout your MBA program course – STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT.
Prepare your case study as if you were a senior executive of the corporation preparing a document for review by the organization’s Board of Directors.Therefore, the quality of your presentation should be of a caliber appropriate for this audience.
Case Study Theme and Volume:
Healthcare Cost Containment. Anticipated volume: about 4,000 words.
The assignment needs to be double spaced with a 12 pt. font.
Sub-titles need to be italicized (on a separate line) reflecting the subject being discussed and used appropriately throughout the paper.
The first line of a paragraph needs to be indented five spaces.
All sources used outside of the text should be scholarly articles or solid dependable non-scholarly sources.
Use Endnotes (Author, Date) followed by a period to properly cite all information.
Include a reference page, listing all sources used (in alphabetical order) in proper APA* format.
Topical Areas for Student-Written Case Studies:
Healthcare Cost Containment
The political environment specific to healthcare continues to be unstable. However, recent legislation has specified some employer-based requirements for the provision of healthcare to employees. In addition, as the demographics workforce changes so does the use pattern for employer-sponsored healthcare coverage. This increased utilization effects rate structure for a company. How would recent governmental legislation affect your organization’s strategy of providing continued healthcare benefits to its employees?
Your Organization:
The Environmental Working Group (EWG)

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