The context of current public health policy.

This assignment is intended to assess the following learning outcomes:
Reflect on the function of policy, strategy and of the health practitioners in the delivery of health outcomes.
Critical awareness of the design and implementation of public health projects.
Working in partnership with public health professionals.
Developing analytic time-management team working and research skills.
Main topics of study:

The context of current public health policy.
Current public health policies.
A review of the public health policy processes.
Factors that contribute to and influence the delivery of public health.
The implementation of public health policies.
Public health campaigns
Public health restructuring
The content will vary year-on-year to take account of current and important public health issues.

How are the public health needs of the population you are examining being address by the strategies being followed by the local council. (Mapping health services in Canning Town North, South and Custom House (population)

Details of project done in the community
Project 1- Best start
Project 2- Identification of Tree major Health issues in the three wards
Data collection tool Photo Voice
Definition of mapping
It is a geographical way of identifying and delivering health services using catchment boundaries within a community using post codes. The maps reveal how things are done and what takes place within the communities (NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, 2008)

Approach used division of members into sub groups, 2) Mapping green spaces by identifying locations,3) Visitation to the green spaces and assessment carried out, method used photo voice.

Health issues identified 1) Child hood obesity, 2)Respiratory diseases, 3) Cardio vascular diseases

In all three wards prevalence of obese children (Under 5 ) is 13.6% which is significantly high compared with Newham rate of 12.7% and 9.4% England rate

In Newham respiratory disease prevalence is 116.4% compare to England rate which is 100%.

Cardiovascular disease prevalence is 120.6% which is significantly high compared to England rate of 100%.

Aim of the project was update local environment coordinator on neglected green spaces in order to create a better environment, which encourages tarted population (0-5 year olds). In order to prevent childhood obesity which can lead to other health issues.

most of the health issues identified can be reduced by changing behaviour and lifestyle eg increase of physical activities which can contribute to weight loss and improved health outcomes.

NB show how tis is a public health issue and put it in context of policy


Find out more about Newham at the ward level. Search on your area.

Health Lives Healthy People

Important the role of the Director of Public Health in local government and how they intend to present public health at a local level

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