1. The attached lesson plan has to be completed.
    presentation must consist of following:
    A. An introduction to catching.
    i. What is the skill theme? What is its phyiscal education definition? does it have separate subdivisions?
    ii. What the the recomended grade for being introduced in an elementary school curriculum?
    iii. with practice, what grade should students become compentent in catching.B.
    i. Describe the learning cues of catching.
    iii. tips for demonstrating
    iv. Common errors and suggested feedback for studentsC. 4 levels of skill proficiency
    i. Precontrol
    1. Describe activity
    2. demonstrate activity
    3. discuss why this activity is good for this level of skills proficiency
    4. Eqiupment/ space/time needed
    5. teaching tips for activity.ii. do steps 1-5 also for
    control and utilizationlastly, provide a closure. (remember we are teaching peer how to teach catching to students we are not teaching students)
    closure include questions like: how, why, what, where can we apply?that is the assignment. All I need is these questions answered in terms pf presenting this to my class.
    it should be about 30 including the activities. also the lesson plan needs to be filled out.LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE
    Name: Date:3/8/16
    Lesson Title:
    Grade/Level: ______________ # of Students: 10
    Equipment/Materials/Technology Focus Question/Big Idea/Goal References
    What question(s), big idea(s), and/or goals drive your instruction?TN State Standard Lesson Objective(s)Academic Language
    What is the key language demand? What Academic Language will you teach or develop? What is the key vocabulary and or symbols? What opportunities will you provide for students to practice content language/vocabulary and develop fluency?Assessment/Evaluation
    Formative: How will students demonstrate understanding of lesson objective(s)? How will you monitor and/or give feedback? How will feedback promote student understanding?Summative: What evidence will you collect and how will it document student learning/mastery of lesson objective(s)?Instruction Differentiated Learning
    (Cues, extension, challenges, & modifications for SSN)
    i. Introduce myself, today focusing on catching.
    ii. recommended grade is first
    iii. and with consistent practice should be competent by 4th grade
    iiii. competency of this skill theme will help in basketball, football, baseball, ultimate frisbee
    Lesson Focus
    Introduction to skill theme
    i. cues
    Culminating ActivityClosureQuestions and/or activities for higher order thinking: These cannot be answered by yes or no.Management/Safety Issues: Are there any management and/or safety issues that need to be considered when teaching this lesson?
    Reflections/Future Modifications: To what extent did the class learn what you intended them to learn? What will be your next steps instructionally? What did you learn about your students as learners? What have you learned about yourself as a teacher?

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