Identify and describe the contemporary issues in supply chain design and planning.

contemporary issues:

• Supply chain integration and strategic partnership This is concerned with the complex issue of strategic inter organizational partnership for achieving competitive advantage. This is about sharing of information and efficient use of the information for coordinating business processes to deliver a superior value to the customers. How to achieve this and what are the challenges? This is one of the emerging issues in supply chain management

• You must use at least 5 peer-reviewed publications to support your essay. In addition, you will need to read and refer to non-peer reviewed documents such as books, trade journals and articles to substantiate your discussion.
• Length: Minimum 2000 words
• Size 12, Font Times New Roman. Double-spaced. Margin 2.54 cm all round.
• Use the Chicago referencing style.
• You should demonstrate a mature level of post-graduate writing.
• Supply chain management concepts and approaches learnt in this unit must be linked to this assignment.
• Students will be evaluated in terms of their capacity to demonstrate understanding of the key issues in the relevant literature and applying it to the area of supply chain management under supply chain competitive advantage and optimal performance.
• Writing skills will be assessed. This includes introduction, body, conclusion, high level of critical analysis and discussion of academic journal articles, supporting articles to the author’s opinions and conclusions.
• Must demonstrate the width and depth of the arguments.
• A professional level of presentation is expected.
• All references must be and listed in the reference section.
• Use illustrations, diagrams, charts and table to enhance your report.
• Check the Assessment Marking Guide. Make sure that you can ‘tick off’ the items listed as you are writing or reviewing your manuscript. Many of these marks are easy to get. Examples: all references must be cited within the text, summary of main points, using the right referencing style. Check what you have done against the Assessment Marking Guide and make sure they match closely.
• Use your spell check functions. Proofread your document.

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