Supply chain design = Overall structure of the supply chain (resources, process and relationships across supply chain) that will help a company to achieve desired outcomes.

Research structure should be the following:
1500 to 2000 words broken down as follows:
1.1 Background and problem statement
A holistic general to specific description of the issue of interest (200-300 words)
1.2 Overview of the literature
A narrative review of key recent research related to this issue (800 to 1000 words based on 7-10 relevant academic sources)

Please include review of the following articles:
(I can send them to you)

1) ‘Supply chain design: issues, challenges, frameworks and solutions’, 2014 by Steven A. Melnyk International Journal of Production Research, 2014
Vol. 52, No. 7, – .VxsuvZN96u4
2) How to Reduce Costs through Supply Chain Network Optimization by L.N. Balaji, president, and Sandeep Kumar, vice president, ITC Infotech, 2013

3) Retail supply chain management: key priorities and practices, 2011, The International Journal of Logistics Management , Wesley S. Randall

4) Competitive priorities and supply chain strategy in the fashion industry, 2013, by Bowon Kim

5) Mapping supply chain strategy: an industry analysis by Barin Nag Chaodong Han Dong-qing Yao, Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 2014

1.3 Research objectives
The primary objective of this research is to explore, examine, describe, define, resolve, ——– . therefore it also aims to —–
(1 primary, 2-3 secondary objectives)

For example:

The goal of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of Under Armour supply chain model, identify the weaknesses and make recommendations on how they can improve the efficiency of their operations through the adoption of effective logistics mix.

1.4 Research questions
To meet the objectives mentioned above, the following questions will be addressed by this research.

1) What are the key components of Under Armour supply chain and how they affect the overall organizational performance?
2) What are the main weaknesses of the current supply chain model?
3) How can Under Armour optimize its supply chain and operations in order to improve organizational performance and gain a sustainable competitive advantage?
(3-5 research questions covering the problem and addressing he objectives)
2.1 Data collection:

Primary data will be collected using interviews (face-to-face and phone calls). This kind of interviews will be able to provide with in-depth views on the subject. The interviews will be scheduled by mutual consent and will be recorded to ensure the ease of analysis and will help to minimize the data loss.
Participant’s observations will also be used to collect primary data, as this method is direct and accurate in nature and also very reliable.
Research will also heavily rely on secondary data and benchmaring (e.g. supply chain of other retailers)
2.2 Data analysis

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