The hospitality industry comprises diverse and varied functions and scale of operations. Some organisations may be single function business enterprise such as catering organisation. Others may be larger with multiple business units; as in hotels that provide accommodations, food and beverage services and events management. Even in the single business organisations there are multi layers of critical activities that integrate to effectively deliver the objectives of the operations. These critical activities hold strategic importance to the organisations’ performance.

The main objective of this report is to provide students with an opportunity to develop problem solving and strategic project management skills. In this assignment, your task is to complete a project plan for a hospitality based project of your choice. Please note that the project will have to significant enough to warrant a detailed plan.

Your project design report should include the following sections:
• Project Title
• Table of contents
• Introduction
• Project Background
• Need for the Project
• Project Scope
• Project Objectives – SMART objectives
• Project Benefits
• Body of project proposal (e.g. WBS graph, WBS table, Network Diagram, Critical Path Method, Gantt Chart, resources required and project budget).
• Risk Analysis
• Conclusion and/or Recommendations
• Reference List (if required)
• Appendices (e.g. assumption list, etc.)

Key Assignment criteria Performance on this component

Project idea and conceptualisation
Background and need for the project
Project scope
Project benefits
Project objectives (SMART) related to project scope and benefits
Key Stakeholders identified
WBS – Graph and Table
Network diagram and CPM
Gantt chart
Allocation of resources and budgets
Critical and factual risk assessment
A clear and well-structured plan, demonstrates logical thinking.
Demonstrated knowledge of project management principles
Demonstrated ability to think creatively

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