• Review your studies on John Snow and the London cholera outbreak along with what you have learned about experimental study designs. Develop a study design for each of the following major designs presented utilizing the components and concepts comprising Dr. Snow’s cholera outbreak:
• Cross-sectional.
• Case control.
• Cohort.
• Clinical trial.
For each study design address the following components:
• Historical concepts and practices that provided the foundation for the practice of epidemiology and epidemiological research related sciences.
• Advantages of this design as it relates to this health issue.
• Disadvantages of this design as it relates to this health issue.
• Common statistical measures utilized in this study design.
• Sampling issues with each study design as it relates to this health issue.
• Bias in epidemiological research and understand how it is controlled in research design.
For the second part of the assignment, select a recent (within the past 5 years) or a well-known public health issue and complete the following:
• Provide a one-page summary of the outbreak.
• Identify and discuss literature regarding the outbreak.
• Evaluate the effectiveness of the outbreak resolution based on the strengths and limitations of the study designs utilized in the literature.
• Develop a different study design that best fits the outbreak and justify the selection through a discussion of the study design’s strengths and limitations as it relates to your chosen health issue.
• Identify sampling issues you would expect to encounter in your selected study design.
• Review the Study Design Scoring Guide for information on how this assignment is graded.
• Name potential biases possible in this study design and your selected health issue.
This paper should be approximately 6–8 pages in length.

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