This part is an essay.

Cadez and Guilding (2008) have outlined 16 Strategic Management Techniques in their paper  (2008, Table 1, p.839).  Select any one (1) of these SMA techniques and write a critical literature review about the technique, tracing its origin in the traditional domain of Management Accounting (or Strategic Management) and discuss its recent development. Would such technique be helpful in creating or sustaining a firm’s competitive advantages? Why and why not?                                  (60 marks)


Part B

This part is an individual case analysis.

Students are given 2 choices for their individual case analysis:  A or B, according to the following table:

Choose one


Choice AChoice B
OsramCresta Plating Company ltd


Students are required to analyze their selected case on an individual basis and answer the questions at the end of the selected case. These cases are different from the ones analysed in group coursework. It is not allowed for anyone to analyse the same case study for both assessments.

Note 1:  required to answer Q.1, 2 and 3 only. (Questions from case studys)


(40 marks)

                                                                                                                          Total:  100 marks

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