The purpose of the assignment is to assess the students ability to identify key strategic issues facing industries globally and the implications this has for industry development. The assignment will test the students understanding of theory within the subject and their ability to apply it to what is happening in their chosen industries today. This provides students with the skills to review industry landscapes at both local and international levels.
Marks will be awarded in the following areas: 1. Student identifies and analyses strategic issues facing their chosen companies and the implications they have on the competitive position of those companies; 2. Student evaluates the key points made to draw sensible conclusions on the most important aspects affecting the competitive position of their selected companies;
This assignment needs to be presented in a portfolio format. The word count is 2500 words. Please submit a document using Verdana, 11pt font with 1.5 line spacing. Please include a title page including the full portfolio title, your name, and student number.
Content advice: Advice #1: Try to observe where decisions taken by one or more of your chosen companies have 'failed' and to what extent this has impacted on the company and how it has learned – as well as commenting on successful outcomes. Advice #2: Have the choices made by your companies led them into blue oceans or are they grappling for space in the red ocean? A selection of contrasting companies (new/old or high market share/ low market share etc.) will make interesting discussion and gives you the opportunity to gain some analytical depth to your assignment. Advice #3: Consider decisions made by your company that affect the products, markets and structure of the organisation. To what extent has this aided or disrupted the pursuit of competitive advantage. (Hint: New product markets/ new country markets/ alliances and acquisitions
Research and evaluate a range of key issues in strategic management. Apply a range of key theoretical models.
Topics to be covered:
1. Introducing Companies: -Mission/Vision/Objectiuves; -Stakeholder Management
2. Competitive Advantage: -What is it?; -Achieving and sustaining
3. Company Analysis: -Value Chain; -Core Competences
4. Strategic Options: -Ansoff; -Change & innovation; -Red/Blue Ocean Strategy
5. Strategic Growth: -Alliances; -Mergers & Acquisitions; -Internationalisation

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