This assignment requires students to conduct research into, and identify, and report on a significant trend in contemporary business · Abstract ·systems analysis. The report should, at a minimum, include:   Detailed description of the·Research approach and methodology   Impact of the trend on business analysis·significant trend identified   Reflection and commentary on the identified trend. This·practice  assignment will require some research and background reading on possible research topics which highlight contemporary business systems analysis trends. For relevant information you should refer to scholarly databases, Gartner Consulting website and other relevant sources as part of the initial factfinding exercise. This preliminary research conducted should be noted as part of your methodology and approach. Were appropriate, you should make use of supporting flow charts, diagrams to enhance your assignment. The assignment should take into account features of the unit such as: 1) Methodologies 2) User participation 3) Managing risks in implementation 4) Change management 5) Obtaining requirements 6) Others The assignment should correctly reference all sourced material using the APA 6th referencing style.

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