After being inspired by “Johnny the Bagger”, students will reflect on an exceptional service experience that they have encountered. This reflection exercise, coupled with the video, will introduce basic service concepts from the perspective of a consumer. In addition, the assignment will help students identify and personalize how career success in services management may assist the student in living Jesuit values. (LO1 & LO2)

Specific instructions: Please outline an exceptional service encounter that you have experienced in your life. Based upon this experience, please respond to the following prompts:

What were the details relative to the situation (e.g. service organization involved, people involved, special circumstances, etc.)?
What specific events made the service encounter memorable?
Did the service encounter involve human interaction? If so, did the service provider do something special to make the encounter special or did it seem to be a routine interaction?
Did technology impact the experience? If so, in what way (positively or negatively) and why?
How did the interaction compare to your expectations?
Have you utilized that same service provider since the memorable interaction? Why or why not?
Have you sought that service from a different provider following the memorable event? If so, why or why not?
Pursuing a career in the context of a service environment, particularly in the hospitality industry, will provide you with the opportunity to fulfill our Jesuit mission to help create a more just and humane world. Please reflect on this opportunity and explain how your potential career pursuits may facilitate your ability to serve others with passion and enthusiasm.

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