Select a bill that has been proposed in response to a perceived public health problem. The topic must receive the approval from me. Write a 7-8 page paper (1” borders, 12 pt. font , APA guidelines) that includes the following: This is the bill I chose: Here is what needs to be included in the final paper… • Overview of the health problem: An overview of the public health problem to be addressed. How widespread is the problem? How many people are affected and how many people will be affected and by the proposed bill. (20 points) • Severity of the health problem: Discuss the research and the background in relation to the health problem. Is there consensus among researchers regarding its severity and how to best deal with it? What would realistically happen if there were no intervention Please make sure to cite all references to support the stated statistics and data. (10 points) • Overview of the bill: This is an overview of the proposed bill in terms of its specific provisions. Try to refrain from what the promoters promise! Make sure to read the fine print and see exactly what the bill will do. Describe who the stakeholders are that are affected in any way by this bill. (10 points) • Promises/Expected Outcomes: Who are the promoters of the bill? Describe what the promoters of the bill believe that the bill will accomplish. Make sure to discuss what specific health outcomes the promoters say will occur if the bill is passed. (10 points) • Problems: Describe what individuals or groups are opposed to the bill and why they are opposed. Make sure to research special interest groups such as professional trade associations, industry groups, etc. to explore the types of lobbying efforts they are undertaking.

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