The assignment should be in essay format maximum 10 pages using Times New Roman 12 font, double spaced, and citing sources (Internet, textbook, other)
using MLA for in text citations and a Works Cited page. Students are expected to
do research from the text and the Internet to supplement company information. Spelling and grammatical errors will negatively affect your grade.

1 Choose one aspect of Strategic Human Resources Management:
• Employment Equity/ Diversity Management
• Recruitment and Selection
• Training and Development
• Performance Management
• Compensation Management

2. Find examples of organizations that
a. Excel in their practices of that particular area and/or;
b. Are industry recognized leaders in that particular area and/or;
c. Have innovative practices in that particular area.

3. Summarize these organizations’ practices:
a. how these practices support the organizational goals/strategies
b. why you think these practices are effective

4. What can other organizations learn from them?

For a clear info on the assignment
this assignment all starts with question 1. Choose from one of the five in question 1; then from there find examples of companies that can fit one, two or three of those points in 2; answer both in 3; you can consider 4 as a summary.

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