Plan Objective: Prepare a strategic commissioning intentions plan for 2016 to 2018 for the London Borough of Southwark including priorities, target populations, intended outcomes and funding allocations.

The module aims to:
• The module will enable students to explore a range of current approaches to strategic commissioning within the health care environment
Main topics of study:
• Use of JSNAs and HNAs to assess current and future trends and the demand for health and social care
• Developing the strategic approach to addressing health needs in a locality.
• Developing commissioning intentions and plans
• Creation and management of Strategic Partnerships
• Methods to monitor process variation in healthcare
• Commissioning frameworks – Acute, Primary and tertiary care
• Strategic fit with local and national policy and commissioning priorities
• Critical evaluation of commissioning plans
At the end of this Module, students will be able to:
1. Identify and select sources of information and data needed to write a commissioning strategic plan.
2. Select and implement appropriate analytical techniques in strategy and commissioning
Subject-based practical skills
3. Select appropriate approaches to developing a commissioning strategic plan
Thinking skills
4. Explore aspects of the commissioning process for healthcare in a locality
5. Critique commissioning intentions, identifying strengths and weaknesses in process and outcome measures.
Skills for life and work (general skills)
6. Prepare a strategic plan for the commissioning of services in a locality with a high Index of Multiple Deprivation.

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