With the evolution of Google, accessible information, the study of genetics, prenatal tests, social media, and many other sources of information for new parents, the process of preparing for a healthy baby can be overwhelming.
For this first journal assignment, reflect on the substance and theoretical foundation of what you have learned this week about prenatal development. Then write a reflective essay that addresses the following:
• Comment on how this week’s learning and materials compliment, oppose, and/or affect change in your positions and attitudes on the relevant subject matter.
• From this reflection, formulate and articulate three pieces of advice to help expecting parents ensure healthy development of their baby.
• Analyze how your recommendations are grounded in relevant theory.
• Explain how a decision to ground your recommendations in a different theoretical framework might have affected your decisions and actions.
• Based on your response to the previous question, describe what you see as the proper or optimal way to think about the relationship between theory and practice.
• Explain how the recommendations you selected help to ensure healthy development.
• Explain how ethical concerns might arise related to things such as prenatal tests and predictions.

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