Installing Linux on somebody else’s machine or in a location that is not your own workplace calls for a lot of planning. You must first analyze various aspects of the environment and plan your installation accordingly or you will find yourself fumbling in the middle of a Linux installation process because some vital information is not known to you.
•List the top five factors you should consider when installing a Linux operating system on an organization’s network. Explain why these factors are important to consider.
•Prepare a generic questionnaire that will help you get the basic information regarding the factors you have listed before you start an installation process on any organization’s network. Remember to include questions that will help you become familiar with your users, the expectations of management, and the organization’s current environment needs. Frame your questions to get the exact information you need to start planning an installation. Limit the number of questions in the questionnaire to no more than 10-15.
Submission Requirements:•Submit your response in a two- to three-page Microsoft Word document.
◦Font: Arial; 12-point.
◦Line spacing: Double.

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