Topic : Health in Action , Planning for Sustainable Change
Assessment task : Reflective Practice Journal , 1000 words
Brief description of task :
• Written assignment reflecting individual capacity to be a “change agent”for promoting global citizenship and advocacy in the health planning and sustainability sectors
Task context :
• Provide reflection of your role in promoting global citizenship and advocacy in the health, planning and sustainability sectors
• Provide capacity to communicate information relating to the nexus , relation between health, planning and sustainability
Task to complete:
1. Reflecting on main reflecting entries who shape yourself as change agent
➢ Understanding the different level of intervention in the framework for health promotion action, from primary care approach to socio-ecological approach
➢ The need to review the Ottawa Charter, describes changes and suggests adaptations to the five strategies of the Ottawa Charter , What are the strengths and limitations of the OC ( Nutbeam)
➢ Globalization and great change of political and governance structure that affect people in all continent , (Urbanisation and health equity ,Rebecca P)
➢ Globalization and impact on global ecology and social environmental health ( New social context , Cecily Maller),
➢ From individual capacity and behavior to the need of looking beyond behavioralist and technocratic policy-making to more ecological concern.
➢ The attitude and core capacity of change agent for health promotion in new era of globalization , modern media advance and the ecologie issue that are global concern
➢ You could add any reflection you think appropriate to match the new role of agent of change.
2. Skills and competencies needed to develop concerning the issue of Planning for Sustainable change at individual level and community and social level .
3. What practice or intervention are needed to develop these skills and competencies
4. How the knowledge on Planning for Sustainability can drive and help individual to inform future practice in health ,planning or sustainability sectors.
5. What it the most difficult challenge for a change agent working for health promotion regarding this new era of globalization and ecologic threat.
6. Please refer to the Reflective Practice Journal Marking and Feedback Guide

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