Slide 2 – (5 pts) Introduction – Identify if your plan will focus on government, nonprofit, or public health management. Clearly state which sector your plan will involve. State why you selected a particular sector. If it’s a public health facility, specify the type, e.g., cancer center, PPO, behavioral health center/hospital, hospice, etc.. If it’s a government entity, state the location, whether city, state, or federal, as well as the department, e.g., education, corrections. If a nonprofit, state the type of organization and services to be provided, location and potential name for the organization.
Topic for project: We are a group of professionals who have come together to open a non-profit mobile clinic for the poor and uninsured. We will be asking doctors and nurses to volunteer their services. We will use a warehouse to store the mobile clinic (when not in use) as well as extra supplies and equipment. This is what everyone should focus their assignments on.
Slide 3 – (15 pts) Present the topic that you have selected for the development of a P-Plan, as well as a brief description. State the name of your topic and clearly describe and explain its nature, purpose and characteristics.

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