A. Boundaries (5 pts.) Identify the boundaries for the entire community.You can include a map, highlighting the city limits or just describe the location.
B. Housing (5 pts.) How old are the houses. Are they of particular style? What materials are they made from? How well are the homes maintained? What kinds of multiple family dwellings exist (apartments, duplexes, and subsidized housing complexes)? Are there vacant houses? Is this an established community or is there a lot of new construction? Are there for-sale signs, for rent signs? What does the housing indicate about the income level of the residents?
C. Signs of decay and/or pollution (5 pts.) Identify if there are poorly maintained homes, trash in streets, garbage-filled vacant land, etc. Describe any evidence of water, air, and/or ground pollution.
D. Parks, recreational areas (5 pts.) Are there parks and/or playgrounds? Are they being used? What is their condition? What recreational areas or facilities were observed?
E. Transportation (5 pts.) What forms of transportation do you see people using? Is public transportation available? How well are streets and highways maintained? Is there traffic congestion?
F. Health and social service agencies (5 pts.) What social service agencies, including health care facilities, are in the area you surveyed? (MAP IT!) What gaps in services did you observe?
G. Economics (5 pts.) List the location, number, and type of industries you observe. Who are the major employers?
H. Protective services (5 pts.) What evidence do you see of police and fire protection; sanitation services; water treatment plants?
I. Faith/Religion (5 pts.) List the number and types of religious facilities.
J. Schools (5 pts.) List the location, type (e.g., private, public, vocational education), level (elementary, intermediate, middle school or junior high school, high school, college) and number of schools.
K. General (5 pts.) Is there evidence of gangs (describe how you know whether there is gang activity present.)? How do billboards/signs reflect information about character of the community (e.g., political affiliation, adult entertainment)? Describe the downtown area. What cultural and ethnic groups are represented?
L. Subjective feeling (5 pts.) How do you feel, being in the community? Do you feel comfortable? Are people friendly? Would this area be one in which you would live and/or work? Explain.
M. Problem identification/ community needs (10 pts.) Based on your observations in the Windshield Survey, comprehensively identify any presenting problems (including gaps in service) in the community you surveyed. Be sure to identify problems. You may want to talk to a few “key informants” or “gatekeepers” to help you with this. This should be a detailed explanation of what you feel and others believe are problems in your community. Reasons for non-growth?
N. Community Strengths (10 pts.) Did you observe any community resources that may address identified problems? Develop a comprehensive list of all community strengths that you observed during your survey. EVERY community has strengths!! You might have to look hard, but they ARE THERE!!!This should also be a detailed explanation of what you feel and others believe are the Strengths of your community.

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