TOPIC – Parkinson’s disease (1500 words)

1. Describe the health condition
2. Describe the current incidence or prevalence of the health condition in:
• Australia and
• One other country
3. Describe three treatment and/or prevention methods that are used for the health condition
4. Describe the role of two health professionals (one of which must be an allied health professional) in providing these treatment/preventions strategies
5. Describe two impacts of this condition on the community (such as financial costs, social burden, public health campaigns)
6. Correctly cite one short direct quote
7. Include one small table, figure or graph within the body of your assignment that must also have its source (current) correctly cited and be referred to in the body of your assignment. DO NOT include large graphs or tables as appendices.
8. As a minimum, you are required to find useful information from two books and two official Government reports (e.g. World Health Organization or Australian Bureau of Statistics) and four peer reviewed journal articles published within the last 10 years.
9. DO not use general websites, webpages or fact sheets.

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