This project has three parts: fact gathering, analysis of the organization, and critique of the findings. Your final deliverable will consist of a paper written in APA format (suggested length: 8-10 pages).


  1. Fact Gathering One way to identify the inherent components of an organization’s culture and behaviors is to interview an existing employee. In this section, you will actually conduct an interview with someone you know in real life.
  2. Identify an organization you are familiar with. It can be a place you have worked or an organization of someone you know.
  3. Develop 10 interview questions that provide an adequate qualitative analysis of the organization. Include your interview questions with your paper. Center your interview questions on the following three categories:


Identify the motivation and leadership theories the organization uses. ·

Analyze the power and political structure within the organization. · Discuss the cultural characteristics of the business.


Some examples of questions that could be included are as follows:

What is the organization’s culture? What are the management’s beliefs and vision?

What is the organization’s reward system?

How does the management motivate employees in the organization?

What is the leadership style of your direct supervisor?


  1. Organizational Analysis

In this section, you will use the responses from your interview to summarize and analyze the organization’s key cultural characteristics.

  1. Briefly summarize the general findings from your interview.
  2. Determine two motivation theories (e.g. Motivation-Hygiene Theory or Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) and two leadership theories (i.e. trait or behavior theories) that the organization uses. · Define the theories you selected. · Explain how the interview responses support the theories.
  3. Analyze the organization’s practices in relation to the selected theories.


  • Explain if the practices of the organization are successful. ·

Explain if you believe the organization should keep using these practices. Why or why not?

  1. Evaluate the power and political structure within the organization. Use the interview responses to determine the following: · How is the organization run? · What leadership styles are present? · How is the power distributed within the organization? · Is the organization a vertical or horizontal structure and is it appropriate for the business? · What priority does this organization place on development? How does this impact the organization’s competitive advantage?
  2. Discuss the cultural characteristics of the business based on your interview responses. · Describe the culture of the organization. · Determine if there should be any cultural changes. Describe how the overall culture of the organization supports the organization s goals. If it does not, explain why not.


  1. Critique the Organization’s Key Strengths and Behaviors Using the knowledge gained from the interview and the course, analyze the organization’s key strengths and behaviors.


  1. In this section, address the following questions: · What are the key strengths of the organization, or what differentiates this organization from others (e.g. culture, people, power, motivation, change, development, etc.)? · How does the organization react to change? · Is this organization a change driver/risk taker? · What would it be like to work for this company? · Would you want to work for this company? Why or why not?


  1. Conclusion
  2. Describe what you learned from studying motivation theories, leadership styles, and business culture and applying these concepts to the interview responses

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