Consider yourself a Management Consultant Team. Analyse the organisational structure as a team and provide suggestions to improve the structure and practices. You may refer to the theories related to organisational behaviour like communication, motivation, leadership and managerial roles.
1. Provide the organisational structure of the organisation selected and critically analyze the organisational structure by focusing on its strong and weak areas. 1300 words
1. By providing the organogram, critically analyze the structure of the organisation of the organisation selected. You should highlight the hybrid nature of structures which may be existing in the organization. The strong and weak areas of the structure should be analysed critically. Nature of the product/service, technology, extent of centralization, industry and factors effecting the organisation may be highlighted. (45 marks)

2-submit an individual reflection outlining their learning experiences of working in a group (300-400 words) which will attract a maximum of 10 marks. You may use the individual reflection template given below.
1. What was the one most useful thing you learned during the group work?
2. What suggestions would you give other students on ways to get the most out of this assignment and the module?
3. In which areas did you improve the most? (Your KSAs)
4. List three ways you think you have developed as a result of this group work?
5. What did you learn about writing, research, (or any other skill) from this group work?
6. What problems did you encounter in working as a group?
7. Who impressed you the most in the group and why

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