This is the STEP 2: Progress report ONE part of the 20000 word thesis (2015-2016-Methodology-guidelines) all 5 questions must be answered. please note that I will be doing questionnaires for question 4 so you only need to say questionnaires will be given to possible candidates for this question. For question 2 the list is provided in (2015-2016-Methodology-guidelines) however besides the list you may use 15 outside sources, but not from the internet. the information that is gathered by you will be used as part of the 20000 word thesis so make sure you do a good job. I have also uploaded (Template-Theses) please use this to format your work. The research proposal that has been completed will also be uploaded ( write according to this !). Also here are some of the points that the student wants covered and discussed 1. how does classical team building work in the West and how important does education or training effect the team. 2. What are the effects of Chinese fraise or term “关系(relationship)” (in western terms knowing someone from the inside or have a friend who has influence help) team building. Is the importance of the team leader higher then the education or training method of the team. 3. Comparing both Western and Eastern team building. What are the differences of the formation of the team. What are the differences of the importance of the team in organizations. 4. Would good leadership abilities be more competitive in the future?

For the conclusion we can emphasize the influence of western modern management theory to Chinese business management and leadership, and to propose new questions: Such as if Chinese leaders to become more familiar with Western management theory / management. At the same time Western leaders may still lack knowledge and full understanding of Chinese management, what are the consequences and would the east tip the balance from the west, etc. ( you could look up related info form a book called “The Chrysanthemum and the Sword”ISBN 9575513258). Please note that if this is done well you will receive the order for this thesis of 20000 words.

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