Please read the attached paper before starting, so you have an understanding of what the project is about and how to add to it. Read through the whole thing before beginning to write the five below suggestions part. The suggestions our group came up with are below.

**Suggestions for NECA – Be sure to include a time frame with each of the suggestions – like how soon each route could be implemented.

**The academic process for implementing new classes is very long and complicated, so here are some possible routes to take(elaborate a little on academic process):

1. (Palomar + CSUSM = joint program)
2. (Work with veterans center to get veterans into program)
3. (There is an engineering program coming to CSUSM)
4. (Decide which route to take, and have another team next semester to take it from here)
5. ( After students finish MGMT certificate go interview with NECA, in hopes that this will motivate students who do not have a prior relationship with NECA to go through this program)

1- Palomar is a Junior College located in San Marcos California and CSUSM is Cal State University San Marcos, also located in San Marcos, CA. Here are there websites if you need to pull information from each…

2- CSUSM has a veterans center on campus, see the school website for more info and talk about how if a management certificate program was offered for students seeking to become an electrical engineer or prior employees going to CSUSM to get the education and training their lacking; how the veterans center would be on board and promote this program.

3- CSUSM will be adding an engineering degree program soon, talk about when this will be implemented and how NECA employees could benefit by being apart of it somehow.

4- Talk about the best option right now, and then suggest another senior experience group like ours taking this same project next semester and trying to implement one of our 5 suggestions.

5- Somehow we need to come with a way for students to know after they finish the classes suggested for this program that they will have an opportunity to interview with NECA.

Here is NECA’s website if you need it for anything.

Be sure to ask me any questions that are unclear..

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