Media Research: Middle Childhood and Preteen Messages
Conduct a study of media messages from the perspective of children in the stage of middle childhood.
1. Visit a mall, visits shops in the mall, study store window displays, notice billboards, review popular magazines such as at supermarket check-out counters and in book stores/drug stores, discuss prime-time television programs and commercials, discuss major motion pictures that are PG-13 rated, listen to music on popular radio stations.
2. Identify a theme of the data collected, which implies a message to children, and base your paper and presentation on that theme. Prepare a four-to-five-page paper (350 words per page or Power Point Presentation).
3. The theme may be of any nature – such as beauty as a cultural value, fitness/health, aggression, sexuality, commitment, or something else. It might be positive or negative.
4. Include reference to theoretical material as you describe the impact you believe these media messages have on child development.

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