Case Study Assessment
Use the Case Study that is attached, and complete the Biopsychosocial Interview DSM-5 form which is also attached.

(a)Read the case study, then (b)complete the Biopsychosocial Interview DSM-5 Form, using check-marks, then (c) prepare a conceptualization of the case – the response should be approximately 700 words (include 2 sources).

There are two different parts that need to be submitted:

(1) The biopsychosocial interview.
Read the case study attached on pages 2 to 4..
Complete the attached Biopsychosocial Interview DSM-5 Form (Check the descriptors that apply based on the case study).

(2) Case conceptualization.
For the case conceptualization, please include an overview of the problem, diagnostic support/discussion, and start the discussion for treatment planning (you don’t need to develop a treatment but you should start the focus in this area, as a case conceptualization typically includes some preliminary discussion).

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