Efficiently managing globally dispersed cross-expertise teams is an increasing challenge facing international organisations. The rapid emergence of digital cultures and trends requires these companies to develop new and engaging business models in ensuring a competitive advantage. For example according to a Gallup Employee Engagement Index (Q4 2010), 72% of employees have been found to be either actively disengaged or not engaged at work. This has an impact on the management of globally dispersed teams in an international setting. For your report you are required to select an organisation engaged in an international venture in one of the following sectors:
• Health & Beauty Industry
• Reinsurance
• Software Development
• Manufacturing
• Finance
Based on your chosen organisation you are required to complete an analytical report supported by academic research focusing on the following points:
1. Cross-Border Management & Cultural Dimensions.
2. Gamification.
In completing your report you should draw on existing international management literature, academic research and theory to critically evaluate cross-border management, cultural dimensions and gamification challenges by analysing and discussing the various approaches between the company’s headquarters and its international venture.
Your report should be guided by relevant theories and concepts and it is important to include academic research to underpin your analysis and critical findings where applicable. Initially refer to appropriate books/journals from the module guide recommended reading list.

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