List and describe the criteria set forth by the IRS that must be present for a lease agreement to be considered a capital lease.

  1. Cleverly written sales proposals may mask a capital lease agreement when an operating lease is desired to obtain equipment.  List and describe the criteria set forth by the IRS that must be present for a lease agreement to be considered a capital lease.
  2. While the cost of using new health care technologies is rising rapidly,

most managers are faced with the challenge of making balanced  decisions achieving both cost efficiency and cost effectiveness ?

Describe a strategic process that you would employ to

evaluate complex projects that require both efficiency and effectiveness as performance requirements

  1. While most health care organizations are organized as tax exempt,

there are a growing number of  for-profit corporations that maintain

publicly traded common stock.

  1. Discuss the legal steps needed for a business to become


  1. What type of steps may a corporation take to control the

issuance of common stock to prevent a takeover of their

business by an unwelcome competitor?

  1. What may a corporate board of directors choose to do to reward its loyal common stockholders with a valuable return on their investment if they are unable to provide a substantial cash dividend? Explain the accounting transactions linked to that strategy.
  1. Owners of bonds and preferred stocks are considered primarily creditors of a business. However, in some instances they also have the capability of becoming corporate owners.
  2. Describe the situations where debt make be converted into

common stock equity.

  1. Explain the difference between preferred stocks and bonds

in terms of the level of risk in being able to receive interest payments. What types of protection do these debt instruments

have to reduce investor’s anxiety?

  1. What advantages do tax exempt bonds have to both the bond

holder and the bond issuer?

  1. Many tax-exempt health care organizations are required to use fund


  1. What advantages does fund accounting provide to maintain

compliance to GAAP?

  1. What is an endowment? Can endowments be legally changed ?
  1. A hospital CFO is gathering information to forecast the investment

needs of the organization. He has to have adequate funding available to replace worn out patient care equipment over the next several years.

The current forecast suggests that the hospital has to pay out $750,000 annually for the next six years from the investment portfolio to meet the expected capital budgets. If the CFO estimates that he can receive an annual yield of 9% on his portfolio, what lump sum amount must he invest today to create the six year payout ? (Please show all calculations)

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