Knowledge and Understanding:

Learning Outcomes: Knowledge and Understanding:
Successful students will typically….
• Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of CT in order to critically evaluate, justify and modify where appropriate the scanning protocols and techniques used.

• Have a comprehensive understanding of the merits and limitations of CT within the context of other available imaging methods.
• Learning Outcomes: Skills and Attributes:
Successful students will typically….
• Critically evaluate the clinical aspects and image appearances of a range of common disease processes as revealed by CT.

• Demonstrate technical expertise and critical awareness in order to formulate and adjust CT procedures in response to specific patient needs.

Critically evaluate the application of Computed Tomography in imaging the abdomen.
You are advised to include images from patient cases or from external sources. Your answer should include justification of the CT examination, protocols, procedures and techniques used. Consideration of patient safety and care should be included. You should also include rationale for the diagnosis based on the CT image appearances and the potential impact on patient management as a result of the CT imaging.
Word limit: 2,000 words ± 10%
• You should fully reference your essay, using the School referencing guidelines 2015/16
• Use your own words and avoid making excessive quotations from published writings.
• You should explore the topic you have chosen making full use of reference sources such as journal articles and textbooks.
• You are encouraged to include relevant images from the chosen case or from external sources as appropriate there are no word penalties for diagrams or images. Tables should be included in your word count.
• You may include an appendix with supporting technical information if you wish, but remember that the appendix must not be used as a means of circumventing the word limit and must not contain written discussion which belongs in the main body of the essay text.
• You are advised to include an introduction and conclusion within your essay
You may include subheadings in your essay

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