You are the lead manager of a planning and evaluation consultation firm in health care and have been commissioned by Government to conduct an evaluation.

Using Ovretveit’s evaluation designs, perspectives and types you are required to develop an evaluation plan into an issue of health care organisational processes (management, service administration, service provision and/or delivery)

Report of 2500 words. It should provide:

  1. 1. Executive summary of your proposal including a brief description of the researched setting

(Organisational process, policy, public/community issue). (300- 500 words)

–     Describe the issue you will plan and evaluation around

–     What is the intervention/what are you evaluating?

–     Give some background into the intervention/issue

  1. 2. The type of evaluation you will conduct and your justification. (~300 words)

Common types of evaluation

– Prospective/during/retrospective

  1. 3. The design of your evaluation. (300 – 400 words)

Evaluation design

– describe the evaluation design that you have chosen (feel free to include a diagram)

– explain why you have chosen this design

– The strengths and limitations of the design that you have chosen

  1. 4. The perspective of your evaluation(300-400 words)

Evaluation purpose and perspective

–     Which perspective will your evaluation serve

–     This will be determined by what part of the intervention you are evaluating and how the evaluation outcomes will be used.

  1. 5. Evaluation aims, methods, outcomes and measures. (200 words max, dot points are acceptable)

Planning and managing an evaluation

–     How will you measure

–     What will you measure, what is your research method you will use? How will you collect data/ how will you measure?

–     Make assumptions about the outcomes of your evaluation ( hypothetical)

  1. 6. How you will go about planning your evaluation. ( 200- 300 words)

Planning and managing an evaluation

–     Comment on what you need to consider in planning an evaluation and actions that need to be taken. (things you may consider her are: stakeholder engagement, funding, how will it impact on day to day running of the project if you conduct it during, how will you recruit people for data collection)

  1. 7. How you will implement your evaluation (i.e. think about the project management and implementation modules). (200-300 words)

–     Planning and managing an evaluation, managing a project and implementation issues and risk management

–     How will you use the information you gain from the evaluation?

–     Link back to perspective

  1. 8. The tools and strategies you will utilise to minimise risks. (Table format is acceptable)

Scientific problems and issues, practical issues, political issues, ethical issues

  1. 9. A description of your stakeholders and associated communication and risk strategies.

Planning and managing an evaluation

  1. 10. The implementation plan of your evaluation.

– You will cover this in point number 7 above, however you may elaborate here if you wish but it is not necessary.

  1. 11. Key outcomes and measures to be addressed.

– you will cover this in point number 5 above, however you may elaborate on this here if you so wish but it is not necessary.

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