This exam consists of four questions. All questions must be answered. You may use up to two pages, doublespaced,  to answer each question. However, many of the questions can be answered in one page. Simply answer the questions to the best of your ability and in the length you believe to be appropriate and sufficient.

Question 1

Robert Rubin played a material role in the financial crisis of 2008. How did Mr. Rubin help create the environment that led up to the financial crisis? Do you think Mr. Rubin behaved responsibly during his tenure at Citibank? Do you think he saw the financial crisis coming or was he as surprised as most other people?

Question 2

Do you think the European Union will move towards full political integration or do you think the EU will eventually disintegrate? What are the opportunities for investment bankers in the event the EU disintegrates?

Question 3

What firm bears the greatest responsibility for the financial crisis of 2008? What was this firm willing to do that no other firm was willing to do? Did this firm survive the initial year of the financial crisis and is the firm still in existence?

What role did Warren Buffet play in the financial crisis?

How many investment banks paid the price for the financial crisis? Who were they? Were some investment banks actually rewarded as a result of the financial crisis? If so, how were they rewarded?

Question 4

Assume the role of an investment banker specializing in private wealth management. A multi-billionaire client asks you to provide her with advice regarding the situation in the Ukraine. She wants to know what opportunities might be created if the situation worsens and the Eastern part of Ukraine breaks away and becomes essentially a part of Russia. What industries will be impacted? What commodities will be impacted? In this situation, how can money be made in the industries and commodities you identified as being impacted?

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