“A business plan can help a venture by guiding analysis, creating a synthesis of new insights, communicating the potential of the venture to interested parties and promoting management actions.”
You are required to investigate a venture opportunity associated with your chosen Organisation and produce a business plan that details how the opportunity could be exploited.

General Assessment Notes
The assessment must be presented in report format (summary, introductions, main section conclusion and appendices) using clear headings throughout
Appendix should only be used for supporting material
Your approach should involve critical evaluation and analysis of issues and material
Demonstrate your comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Organisation and Industry
The assignment should have a logical structure including clarity and consistency of argument.
Please ensure you use Harvard Referencing system throughout your Assignment.
Assignment length : 3500 words (excluding tables, diagrams, referencing and bibliography)

Overall Marks Allocation:
Content 50 marks
Contextualization 30 marks
Integration 10 marks
Creativity, format and Harvard referencing 10 marks

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