In view of the fact that not only information, but also data are now perceived as economic assets and societal resources, the Executive Board believes that Information Governance and Ethics is a much need new area of professional development.
Why information governance and ethics?
What is information governance and ethics?
How can information governance and ethics be systematically and effectively developed within the organisation?
Why information governance and ethics?
A description and discussion of the conditions that have led to the emergence of information governance and ethics as a significant area of development within information management
What are the opportunities/risks for organisations, which information governance and ethics attempt to address?
What do the concepts of information governance, and ethics, mean?
How has information governance variously been defined?
What is its scope? e.g. data governance, information governance; law, regulations, and government policy.
What is the meaning of ethics as applied to information and data?
How can information governance and ethics
be developed within the organisation?
What frameworks can be used e.g. approaches to data governance, and other procedural practices; structural practices, relational practices; information governance reference model.
What organizational factors should be considered?
What are the relevant technologies?
How can awareness be raised of ethical issues around personally identifiable information and data? What techniques can be used to handle information and data in an ethical way?
Additional points to consider
You should reference the relevant literature, and provide illustrative case examples e.g. business, government, health, social media
You should use tables and diagrams when these can convey information in a concise, effective, and appealing way
In summary, the main content of the briefing paper should consist of a coherent account of why information governance and ethics have emerged as significant topics of concern for information managers, what they consist of, and how information governance and ethics can be systematically and effectively developed within an organisational context. At the same time you should also attempt to go beyond the information given in the texts used, literature consulted, and lectures given, and begin to advance new points for consideration.

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