Responsibility I: Assess Needs, Assets, and Capacity for Health Education Responsibility II: Plan Health Education

Responsibility III: Implement Health Education

Task: Needs Assessment Process


Imagine you, a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) have been assigned to a community health assessment-planning group investigating obesity and its associated behavioral and non-behavioral contributors. The only available data for the community are those showing the overall prevalence of obesity. However, the group wants to collect data from different subpopulations (i.e., Caucasians, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, children and adults) in order to identify disparities in obesity prevalence. Assume multiple approaches (quantitative/or qualitative methods using primary and/or secondary data) may be used for program needs. The timeline for completion of the assessment from beginning to end is 3 months.

You are required to answer the following questions as they relate to the scenario.

1) Provide 1 detailed assessment question that you and your planning team would want to investigate based on the nature of the scenario.

2) Information needed that you and your planning team will need to help with addressing the assessment question.

3) From whom?

4) How will it be collected? (Quantitative or Qualitative; Primary or Secondary data) Support Reasoning.

5) When collected (General Timeline)

6) Analysis (How results for questions will be produced)

7) Listed below are four need assessment models:

  1. a) Epidemiological Model
  1. b) Public health Model
  1. c) Social Model
  1. d) Asset Model

Which model would you use and why? Support reasoning

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