Conduct a research study on approved topic in the area of Human Resources that meets requirements of the ELCC Standards.

Scholarly Paper:
This assignment has several purposes. First is gives you the opportunity to explore, in-depth, some facet of Human Resources management/administration. Second, it gives you the opportunity to develop critical thinking and writing skills. This assignment is flexible, select a topic of interest to you and link that topic to some aspect of human resources. You should incorporate a minimum of five references to scholarly test and journal articles. This study should be between 8 to 10 double spaced pages (excluding title page and reference page).

1. Use APA 5th or 6th edition for formatting
2. Use double-space 12 font, left justify
3. Academic papers should be written in a professional, formal manner

Scholarly Paper Grading Rubric


Possible Points

Received Points





Total Points

6 Points: The paper has a well-developed thesis with an insightful set of criteria. The introduction establishes the issues at stake and the conclusion indicates the implication of this argument.
4-5 Points: The paper has a workable (though perhaps formulaic) thesis that leads the reader into the paper and serves as a guide to its contents, but the introduction or conclusion fails to link the purpose with a conclusion.
2-3 Points: The paper has some components of a thesis (subject, position, hint at organization) but may be underdeveloped or missing a clearly articulated motive for writing.
1 Point: The paper lacks an argumentative thesis or the thesis does not accurately convey what the paper develops.

10 Points: The paper demonstrates excellent development of each idea and focuses on relevant details. Clearly explained examples support the claims and the topic is well researched.
7-9 Points: The paper contains adequate evidence to support its claims, but will benefit from more research, more thorough interpretation of quotations, or from more specific development of relevant points.
4-6 Points: The paper has some development but lacks sufficient evidence or contains irrelevant details that do not yet develop a clear sense of purpose.
1-3 Points: The paper needs more details on every level (main ideas, related ideas, specific ideas).

10 Points: The paper contains strong topic sentences and builds upon the argument suggested in the thesis. Clear transitions connect ideas both on the paragraph level and on the sentence level.
7-9 Points: The overall structure of the paper is clear, but some topic sentences require further development. Transitions that clarify the link the main ideas need further development.
4-6 Points: The paper has one main idea per paragraph, but the paper does not follow the outline suggested in the thesis.
1-3 Points: Paragraphs are not organized around a central idea and the structure of the paper is difficult to follow.

4 Points: The paper demonstrates mastery over sentence structure, sentence completion, structure, variety, word choice, and punctuation.
3 Points: The paper displays evidence of good control over mechanics. Occasional wordiness, punctuation errors, pronoun references, modifiers may be problematic.
2 Points: Mechanics are problematic; sentence fragments, comma splices, word usage errors, and/or excessive wordiness may also be a concern.
1 Point: The paper lacks basic control over mechanics and contains substantive proof-reading errors.

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