As HR consultants, you will be asked to write a group

Please read the following cases and answer the three questions provided. These cases will be given to you in class

Case 1

Chakraborty, B. (2010) Microsoft Corporation – Best practice in Human resource management, ICMR centre for management research.

Case 2
Kim, S. And Schneider, S. (2009) The International Committee of the Red Cross, HEC University of Geneva.

Having read both cases, you are required to appraise critically the Human resource strategy of both these companies. In your appraisal, please answer the following 3 questions:-

1. Critically assess the HR similarities and differences in both organisational structure and culture. (DO NOT DO!)

2. Critically evaluate the HR practices/ methods being used.

3. Compare and contrast the Human Resource challenges facing these companies dealing with global and local marke
You should include references to all cited sources in a single list at the end of the assignment. A bibliography should be a single list of all consulted works placed at the end of the reference list.

You MUST indicate where information relating to both organisations has been found. List websites, internal company documents or interviews with members of the organisation, where appropriate.

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