Heart Healthy Diet

Part A (5pts) Using your text, answer the following questions for someone wanting to change their diet to make it more heart healthy:

1. What are three types of fat that should be increased? What are two types of fat that should be decreased?

2. What type of carbohydrate should be increased? What type of carbohydrate should be decreased?

3. Which mineral should be decreased?

Part B (9pts) Enter Michael’s diet below into the MyPlate Supertracker. See the attached document for help on using the SuperTracker.

Breakfast: 2 Pop-tarts, 3 small cooked, pork sausage links and a 16 oz. glass of sunny delight fruit drink

Lunch: Nacho Supreme from Taco Bell and a 32 oz Coke

Dinner: Meatball sub at Subway with a bag of sunchips and a 16 oz apple juice

Report on Michael’s diet for each of the 8 nutrients listed in part A. (for example, what was his total fat? Total fiber?) Make sure that you are using SuperTracker properly, as there are solid ‘right answers’ for this section. For trans fats – which of his foods may contain these? (Use the book to help you)

Part C (9pts) Propose a new diet for Michael, implementing the changes for 8 nutrients you outlined in part A. Enter the new diet in SuperTracker, and, like part B, report on the total amounts for those 8 nutrients. Include the meal summary report and nutrient intake report in the dropbox.

Part D (2pts) What did you notice when creating Michael’s new diet? Which nutrients were easy to make changes for, and which were more challenging? Why?

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