this assignment will be about 2 pages.. please follow the rubric exactly..
the instructions are:
The student shall provide a brief description in a scholarly paper format of the community health issue or area of concern in Qatar that will be explored in the final paper. Examples of topics include environmental issues (e.g. Qatar’s carbon footprint, air quality); social justice issues (e.g. sponsorship system, human trafficking); gender issues; poverty; and health issues (chronic health problems, genetic disorders).
SO,, these are some examples above… BUT i want you to write about gender issues (focus more about the role of the women in Qatar ) OR stress in Qatar (this can be for the students in Qatar).
choose either gender issues OR Stress..
this assignment is just a starting for the final paper, this gunna be only 2 pages then i would make another order after one week for the final one and i will provide everything later, but now i provided the rubric for the outline .. so choose the topic that you think that you can find more references in Qatar OR in the Gulf AND the middle east..
(important things to Do)
the references must be scholarly reviewed (peer reviewed) they should be in Qatar or the Gulf
and povide more in the middle east
APA must be applied
Easy English
the reference that you are going to use here must be included in the final paper later
choose Five or more evidence based resources
Provide a reference page

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