Imagine that you’re the manager of a group of HIT professionals at a regional health clinic.

You team up with the Human Resources manager on a task force to improve your workplace’s compliance with and awareness of various employment laws.

At a meeting, you decide to create posters that will be displayed around the HIT offices for each of the following topics:

– Sex Discrimination
– Racial, Religious, and National Origin Discrimination
– Age Discrimination
– Disability Discrimination
– Genetic Discrimination
– Health and Safety Protections
– Hours, Pay, and Conditions of Employment
– Social Media Use

Choose one of the above topics to work on for this assignment.

Create a poster that displays this information:

  • Relevant visuals (such as graphs or images) to make your poster visually engaging and appealing
    • A summary of the employment law(s) that are relevant to this topic.
    • A summary of the AHIMA code of ethics section that is relevant to this topic.
  • Do’s and Dont’s:
    • The most important behaviors and actions to ensure compliance with the law.
    • The most important behaviors and actions to avoid to ensure compliance with the law.

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