Please create 4-5 outlines for possible questions that could arise from the content of the course. They should be more focused on theoretical concepts and use the content of the course to support the position. The exam from last year is attached in order to know the kind of questions that could arise. 2 of them should focus on the cases for aggregative democracy and deliberative democracy as they are the most important themes and encompass most of the content.

These are the things the professor said we need to make sure we understand:
Fundamentals of aggregative and deliberative democracy
Constitutional law around individual rights – how do we decide how to recognize rights (tests)
What’s the scope of state powers and federal powers
Equal protection – how to we deal with laws drawing differences between different kind of people – based on theories in particular Ely’s
Understand Mill and Sen
Demagoguery within the context of democracies (not by itself)
Contours of inclusion – how do we decide who is a member of the demos and how it plays out
3 major levels of review

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