For HECOR Applicants: The personal statement is an important part of your application to the Xavier University graduate program in health economic and clinical outcomes research. The essay provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your writing skills, and address key points reviewed by our admissions committee when considering your application.

SOI requirements:

· 500 words (maximum)
· Demonstrates the ability to clearly, concisely and articulately answer each key point
· Standard page margins of 1 inch, single-spaced, sans-serif (Ariel or Calibri recommended), 11 pt font
· Scoring will include content, completeness, organization, development, spelling, grammar, punctuation, professional appearance, writing style and quality
Key points the statement of intent should address:

· Why are you interested in studying health economic and clinical outcomes research?
· How has your background and/or experience led you to an interest in HECOR?
· Xavier’s mission is characterized by critical thinking to educate the whole person, with special attention to ethical issues and values. What about Xavier’s mission speaks to you?
· What personal, professional and educational experiences have prepared you to be a successful graduate student in our program?
· How will the MS HECOR degree help you to accomplish your career objectives?

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