Health informatics professionals are responsible for promoting and maintaining data quality standards. As organizations continue to adopt information systems for managing health information, the implementation of standardized clinical vocabularies and terminologies will change how health information is exchanged across the continuum. In this task, you will locate three journal articles that discuss how the use of standardized clinical vocabularies and terminologies will support data quality requirements for the health record and success of health information exchange among organizations and within geographic regions.


A. Create an annotated bibliography of three journal articles that meet the following requirement:
• Journal articles must be from scholarly, professional journals. This includes professional journals from the medical field, allied health professions, information technology, and healthcare informatics.

B. Discuss in your annotated bibliography (suggested length of two paragraphs per article) how the articles you selected address data quality.
Suggested data quality topics may include but are not limited to the following:
• How data quality is improved by the use of standardized terminologies
• How data quality requirements may be included in organizational policies or processes
• How clinical documentation improvement and data quality are related
• Why data quality is critical to gathering statistical data (such as for public health reports, disease registries, or other large-scale needs)

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