Create a11 (of content) slide presentation based on the selected case study.
Provide a background and explanation of its key components. Include the following as if you were the nurse administrator responsible for the change.
Note. The background and explanation may only be 2 slides at maximum:
• Identify the health care delivery model.
• Explain the structure of the organization in the case study.
• Analyze the communication patterns identified throughout the process in the case study.
• Discuss the negotiation strategies applied as well as opportunities for relationship building across departments.
• Describe how the organization’s performance changed as a result of the initiative.
• Identify laws, regulations, accrediting bodies, and practice standards that should have been considered as part of the initiative in the case study.

Cite a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed resources.
Also include:
Outcomes and evidencing your opinions and statements with references that are appropriately cited is a core outcome for earning your MSN degree. So, when you want a post to count as substantial just check it over before posting . I NEED to get 25/25.
• Some reference sources maybe repetitive, only need (5) references per question which most are already given.

• Does it meet the word count (150 or more speaker notes for each slide not including the reference or cover slide)?

• is it on topic and concise? Are the Speaker Notes correlate with each slide

• Have you used a reference from a peer reviewed source outside or from the course readings to support your thoughts?

• Have you cited your source where the source is paraphrased or quoted within your text?

• Allow quotes to be appropriately cited, with the page and paragraph the quote came from?

• Each question also need to be formatted in APA 6th edition for Slide Presentation

• Provide good American grammar usage and accurate punctuation.

Sentences have structure that is clear, logical, and easy to follow.

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