Must have 10-15 slides minimum.
consider answering any of the following questions in preparing your presentation/ paper.
1. What key insight were acquired in regards to this health care issue?
2.Also, what wisdom does the catholic church have to say historically and today to society on this health care issue? ( this is regard to topic you pick which is  Abortion and Maternal Fetal Care)
3.What new awareness developed in reviewing case studies?
4. Outline the arguments, issues, or theme presented in the assigned text and will propose relevant questions for group discussion.

the use of power point, media, scientific case studies and therapies such physical, occupational, speech art  and music are encouraged to be incorporated into the presentation. This class presentation is done in conjunction with a Work cited page.The work cited page is to be typed with 1 margins all sides double space in 12font. Work cited page is expected to include a minimum of 3 scholarly sources well beyond the scope of Wikipedia , be sure to include footnotes and endnotes, please use mla format. Each slide that has research must include a cited reference on the page or in the notes below the slide.

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