Health Campaign

HCS 535 Week 6 Individual Health Campaign – Part III
Resources: Health Campaign – Parts I and II and the Health Campaign grading criteria on the student website

Develop Part III of a health campaign to implement a change in population health. Part III focuses on recommendations for implementing and assessing the proposed change.

Present an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation proposing a population health campaign for your chosen health issue.

• Recommend the implementation of a campaign for your chosen issue to improve population health addressing social, economic, and cultural factors.

• Recommend approaches, such as programs, policies, laws, and environmental aspects, to assess the health and wellness of the target population.

• Determine the challenges related to improving the population health for the target population. Examine global implications, environmental factors, and disease prevention.

• Provide a summary of useful epidemiology or other data models managers may use to make decisions on the ground and to anticipate future trends.

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