This is an American, APA style thesis paper on the U.S. Dance Studio Industry and is aimed at solving a business problem. Most of the U.S. Dance Studios operate as sole proprietors or LLCs, with the owner holding most management roles, with no retirement plan. I am believe partnership activities (strategic alliances), using new technology (MindBody), and for profit sponsors (for dance teams, recitals, and marketing) will benefit operators by making them more competitive. The project will culminate with a thesis detailing the research and analysis undertaken. The thesis will consist of distinct sections and will have a minimum of 20 double-spaced, typed pages (not including abstract and references), written in APA 6 ed. style. Simply providing a report summarizing someone else’s research will not be sufficient for the requirements of this thesis. A claim must be made and, researched and proven or disproven. There are three distinct parts to the research and accompanying thesis: 1) a literature review, 2) practical research study and 3) recommendations for solving the problem under study. Literature Review – The literature review should emphasize general trends or themes, important results and conclusions of other studies, and compare different perspectives regarding the business problem under study. You will need a minimum of 10 quality peer-reviewed reference sources related to the topic for the entire thesis. The sources should be either recent (10 years or less) or have historical significance to the field. Acceptable sources include books, journals, and government/professional organization documents/web sites. Wikipedia is not acceptable. Some of the sources are attached, I have access to multiple American academic libraries and can send more. Practical Research – The practical research will consist of a quantitative or qualitative study on a selected population. It will explore the problem under study with a group of employees. The practical research may consist of a survey, focus group, interviews or record analysis. Charts, graphs, pictures, narratives, etc. are necessary. The recommendations should detail how the problem should be solved, based on what was found in the literature review and the practical research. It may include program development or it may involve a recommendation for a policy change. A discussion of the critical program or policy components must be included, with as much detail as possible. The OD5350 report must be included and will be extremely valuable. As the industry is highly fragmented, low profits with high overhead, I infer that partnerships, technology, and sponsors will benefit the industry.

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