Project Objectives and Description
As you probably know or will learn as the class progresses, some of the management practices used in organizations today are not ideally suited for monitoring and controlling project finances.
The objectives of this individual project are twofold:
• First, to investigate management practices used by your organization and to identify issues that may detract from the organization’s ability to optimally monitor and control project finances.
• Second, to propose changes to these management practices to help resolve these issues and explain how these proposed changes will optimize project financial monitoring and control efforts.
You will develop a Project Financial Monitoring and Control proposal documenting these efforts, making use of: (1) this course and past project management and financial management coursework; (2) your own professional experience; (3) knowledge and experience resident in your organization; and (4) additional research. The majority of the coursework pertaining to this assignment will be covered in sessions 1 through 5. This assignment is due in session 10.
A template for the proposal will not be provided. If it hasn’t happened already, you should expect, at some point in your career, to develop a white paper, a proposal, or some other type of document with only a final objective or two for guidance. You are free to organize the proposal as you see fit as long as the following particulars are included: (1) a statement describing the organization type (e.g., state, local, or federal government, etc.); (2) a discussion of the organization’s business line(s); (3) and a discussion of the organization’s strategic objectives. The organization’s identity shall be masked in the proposal and the proposal shall be free of any proprietary or closely-held company information, as well as any other information that could reveal the organization’s identity.
This is not a proposal to do a study to identify issues and propose solutions.
The purpose of any proposal is to sell a product, service, idea, etc. In this case, you are selling a set of recommendations aimed at resolving issues associated with your organization’s ability to optimally monitor and control project finances. Address your proposal to your organization’s decision makers.
Put yourself on the receiving end of any proposal. What would you want to know?
What are you selling?
How does it apply to me?
Why should I buy it? What benefits do I receive?
What actions do I need to take to realize the benefits?
How long will it take to realize the benefits?
How much will it cost?
For the purposes of this assignment, the last two questions (time and cost) should be addressed, at least, in relative terms. A detailed time and cost analysis is not required. However, if you intend to share the outcome with your organization, you might want to consider including a more detailed analysis at some point in time.

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